Decorative Outdoor Rock Water Fountains For Your Garden Or Yard

Rock garden fountains are capable of providing your garden space with a focal point as well as visual style for any living space that you are looking to create. Rock is a mineral that is formed naturally and available in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, types and designs. The way that the rock is retrieved and carved by the weather are both capable of impacting the individual style and design of any rock used in outdoor rock water fountains. These outdoor fountains are quite capable of providing you with all of the tranquillity of water with a body and a backdrop of natural stone and rock.

Types of Rock Garden Fountains

Stone fountains in rock gardens generally have a hollow interior to make room for a pump system to get water up through the inside and then back down to the pond, which is also the reservoir. In a lot of cases, fountains that are used for rock gardens are carved from one large rock. Entire sections of the rock are carved or chipped away to create the desired design. Another type of design is the slate fountain these usually are made of multiple layers of slate of different sizes, tiered to make the layers and form of the fountain. Smooth stones like polished granite are also very popular fountain stone choices. Water tends to flow along the polished stone down to the base. Designs like steps, jagged rocks, or pouring pitchers are often used as decorations.

Style of Outdoor Rock Garden Fountains

The style of the fountain that you choose is going to depend on what your individual needs are, as well as what type of garden you are planning on installing the fountain in. If you are trying to construct a country garden, then you may consider choosing a rock garden that utilizes sheetrock for its foundation for example. This sheetrock can be layered or cut, allowing you to create a unique trickle along each of the layers and ledges for a truly one of a kind experience. Ledges on your fountain are going to allow for you to decorate your fountain even further by implementing climbing plants and other unique accents as you work to turn your garden into your own unique space.

Country gardens with fountains often incorporate old-fashioned roses surrounding country style slate fountains. You could also use black-eyed susans, hollyhocks, daisies and other similar old-fashioned, country-themed flowers to achieve the specific look that you are going for with your garden.

Another garden example is a Japanese style garden, which will showcase a simplistic rock design with word edges in Japanese. The water can flow constantly over the base, providing a zen garden-like appearance.

Location of Rock Garden Fountains

Where you place your fountain within your rock garden is very important in regards to its overall effect. When the fountain is placed near where people will be, the sound of trickling water tends to have a soothing effect, promoting relaxation. Putting a fountain on the corner of a deck or patio can act as a highlight. In more formal rock gardens, a fountain may have a marble base, or it may have mosaic tiling for contrast. Tabletop “zen” fountains are often found inside on work or receptionists desk to help break up the scenery and help bring calm to the area.

Purpose of Rock Garden Fountains

Rocks are considered to be an earthy element when they are added to a design. For the people that are looking to add rock into their landscape but do not live in a rocky terrain or near a mountainside, one great solution is simply to add a rock garden into their garden or landscape. Many of these unique fountains are utilized in a wide variety of different areas where light is used such as close to an entryway or along a path in a backyard. You can easily strategically place lighting near the fountain, shining some light onto the rocks so that they stand out not only during the day but also at night as well. Garden statues, birdhouses and benches are all also capable of being displayed close to the fountain in order to create a truly unique outdoor point of focus.

Maintenance of Rock Garden Fountains

Rock is something that is capable of naturally chipping away, especially when you consider the pressure of the water and surrounding elements such as the weather for example. Over a period of time, oxidation is capable of causing some types of rock to become discolored with a patina. Because many types of rocks contain a trace of copper or other forms of minerals, you should plan on eventually acquiring a patina which appears with a rusty sort of turquoise color.

You can clean your fountain on a weekly or monthly basis using a little bit of vinegar and water in order to remove this surface. Pour it on the rocks and into the water, scrubbing just gently in order to clean away the patina so that you end up with clean, clear rocks again.