Do Solar Powered Fountains Work

What Is A Solar Power Fountain?

A solar powered water fountain is an ornamental electrical fountain which is powered by a photovoltaic panel. They are an ideal accent to your garden, bird bath or pond.

Solar power fountains add a quiet energy to outside locations & carry out vital functions in your water gardens & ponds.

They are low-cost and remarkably easy to use just unpack it & place it in the water! No need to locate outside outlets and run cables to your pond. You are able to just place it where you would like it & bring your landscape to life. Some of the benefits of a solar powered fountain include

  • Green solar energy runs the pump.
  • Draws butterflies, birds & beneficial bugs.
  • The noise of a solar power water fountain mutes intrusive neighborhood noises like traffic
  • Increases negative ions for a positive increase.
  • Easy setup. No major pipes & electrical work.

Setting up a solar water fountain in your yard needs very little understanding or experience. A few regular check-ups and light cleansing will avoid headaches down the road.

Solar-powered water features are made of the same types of materials that traditional water features are, so looking after the water features themselves is similar with solar-powered water fountains as it is with the conventional electrically-powered water fountains.

You just need to clean out the pump intake and the spray nozzle every so often to ensure the pump can keep the water moving. Due to the fact that the solar fountain is pumping otherwise stagnant water, any debris in the water can end up clogging the pump & breaking the pump eventually.

Luckily, that the majority of these solar water fountains are light weight and quite simple to handle to bring inside for a quick cleaning. Your upkeep should not take more than a few minutes monthly and it's a quick, pain-free process.

The fundamental solar power fountain set will include a small photovoltaic panel that converts the radiation photons coming from the sun into DC electrical current that the fountain pump is powered by. Therefore for the pump to get the energy to run the photovoltaic panel must be placed in direct sunlight. Some of the solar power water fountain sets also include a solar power rechargeable battery that stores any unused electric energy throughout the day. The battery can then be used to operate the pump throughout the night.

Because the photovoltaic panel works behind the scenes, you are able to place it in an area near the water fountain but, where the photovoltaic panel is "practically invisible", you can use a wall that's facing south or the south slope of your roofing for installing the photovoltaic panel.

The Two Types Of Solar Fountains

There are two main types of solar water fountains, the standard solar fountains & solar water fountains with a battery backup.

Standard Solar Water Fountains

  • With these water fountains the solar power that they generate is not stored.
  • When the photovoltaic panel is placed within direct sunlight then your fountain will work.
  • When their is no sun or the photovoltaic panel becomes shaded, the fountain will no longer run.

Solar Water Fountains With A Rechargeable Battery Backup

  • Some solar fountains come with a rechargeable battery backup that enables them to run on either solar energy or on battery power.
  • During direct sunlight, the solar energy will drive the pump & charge the rechargeable battery via that solar energy.

Whether you purchase a solar water fountain that includes a battery or not is up to your requirements for your solar water fountain. If you are not worried about the speed of your water fountains output, and will only be using your garden fountain throughout the day when it is bright & sunny then the standard solar powered pump without batteries will be ideal for the task.

A solar fountain that includes Batteries allows you to enjoy your fountain any time of the day or night, however the battery sets are more expensive than the non battery sets and they will break faster than the other parts, like the pump & solar panel.

Overall, if your fountain, bird bath or pond gets brilliant sunlight the majority of the day then we'd advise going with the all in one solar powered fountain, as they are simple to set up & cheap to purchase.

Nevertheless, if your pond, bird bath or fountain is in the shade, then it would be better to opt for a kit that includes a separate solar panel & pump such as the Solar Bird Bath Fountain By Sunlitec .

What Is The Best Location To Put A Solar Powered Water Fountain?

You can position your water fountain anywhere so long as your photovoltaic panel is in an area that will get direct sunlight. If the solar panel is not integrated then you can even position your water fountain in the shade, so long as you can put the solar panel in direct sunlight. The length of the connecting cord from the solar panel to the pump will determine how far away you can put it.