Choosing The Best Materials For Your Outdoor Water Fountain

If you want a water fountain for your home however aren't sure where to start with the planning procedure. Take a look at this guide on picking the best materials for your garden water fountain.

Fiber Glass Water Fountains

Fiberglass is the lightest of all the materials that are used to make water features. They typically weight about 85 percent less than cast stone features. However, durability could be an issues if you live in an area prone to a lot of strong winds as your garden fountain could keep getting blown over. As the name suggests, fiberglass is a combination of tiny glass fibers and an epoxy product, which when combined can be molded into practically any size or shape that you require. 

Slate Wall Fountains

Wall fountains can be made with various types of stone that are both elegant as well as practical. Slate is the product that is used the most when making a wall water fountain. Even though slate is a really heavy stone it is very easy to sculpt with. Which is why it has been used by stone carvers for centuries.

As with most things in nature no two natural stones have the same characteristics. Each piece of stone is unique. So each stone water fountain will have its own specific look and character, which is what makes them distinct and very much in demand over the mass produced water features which tend to all look exactly the same.

The Black & Green slates have quite a variety in shade, but out of them all the Rajah Slate, noted for its warm rustic shades has the most significant differences. The Rajah Slate is a popular decorative slate that comes in various ranges of reds, rusts, golds and greens. There is a number of embedded ridges that run beneath causing the colors to intermingle and adding palpable strength.

Granite Water Features

Granite is another natural stone.It is a thick and incredibly long lasting product that is famous for its durability and unmistakable luxurious quality and decorative beauty. When creating a granite water fountain no chemicals are used. The stone is cut to size ground and then polished

Cast Stone Fountains

High quality hand finished cast stone water features are available in a large array of styles. Ranging from the little patio design garden fountain to the large and imposing garden water fountains.

Nevertheless, you must remember with cast stone that as it is a porous material you need to drain your water fountain and allow it to air out before the temperature levels start dropping. If you remember to do this then your fountain won't develop fractures throughout the winter. You also need to ensure that you maintain a regular cleaning procedure for your cast stone water fountain.

With the appropriate upkeep, your brand-new garden water fountain will keep its stunning shine for several years.

A lot of garden water features can be made from a combination of cast concrete with various metal impact and stone surfaces. Giving you a unique water fountain that is able to withstand the elements.

Choosing The Right Garden Water Feature

If you wish to decorate your garden, landscape or yard then you can choose from the various designs that are available, such as waterfall, tiered, statue and abstract. An excellent way to highlight a particular location is to add a garden waterfall this will also help to bring peace and quiet to your garden.

Adding a garden water feature into the right natural environment can end up being a lot more than just a fascinating ornament. It can become an extension of the nature in your garden and could even take on its own personality that changes throughout the seasons.