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Wall Fountain For Outdoors

Modern Outdoor Fountains And Water Features

Water features in a garden include reflective surfaces, relaxing drip sounds and cooling humidity to the landscape; they'll likewise attract birds and butterflies. If you want to include water to your garden however restoration isn't in the cards, a fountain is an ideal option. Outdoor fountain designs are simple to set up and can be found in sizes from petite to very grand.

For smaller spaces like patios or entry areas, a wall fountain includes a great deal of effects and takes up extremely little room. We've collected our preferred water fountains - from traditional designs to contemporary, mid-century sculptures to inspire you. There's a water fountain to complement every garden or patio, even yours! This impressive Spanish-inspired wall fountain adds a rustic ambiance to a patio area or entry area.

Much like the initial antique street water fountains, freshwater pours from a pipeline spout into a simple wall-mounted basin. The overflow splashes carefully into the pool at the bottom. At just 56" large and 30" deep, this ageless water fountain can fit easily into a little garden or accent a walkway. Just surround it with plantings to create a cool green oasis.

Stone Garden Fountains

If you're trying to find a traditional fountain for your small garden location, the John Timberland Floor Outdoor Fountain's four-tiered design makes an outstanding decoration. Finest seen in the round, this 50" tall pedestal fountain is the perfect focal point for an official landscape. Water flows through 4 levels, creating a soothing sound. LED lights on the lower three levels make it a very awe inspiring centre piece.

Choose from 14 hand-applied finishes, including rustic and weathered seek to fit your landscape. With it's big splash pool and a low 39" height, the Navonna Water fountain's design makes a low-key, trendy centerpiece for the patio area or garden. In timeless Italian design, an outstanding single basin rests on a square pedestal accented with an inset panel.

Without heavy decoration, this is the perfect style to add a Mediterranean touch to your landscape. This durable cast concrete fountain can be found in fourteen hand-applied surfaces, to create either a modern or rustic look. At just over 7 feet high the Cavalli water fountain is a classic Old-World centerpiece for the garden, entry or circular driveway.

From the pineapple finial at the top, water cascades through two tiers of basins that include classic egg-and-dart detailing and heavily ornamented pedestals. Overrunning from all sides of the lower basin, water splashes considerably into the 99" large round pool at the bottom. This cast stone work of art is available in 43 custom surfaces to mix perfectly with your landscape style.

At five feet wide, the enormous round basin makes the ideal focal point for a rock garden, modern-day landscape style, or circular drive. A single bubbling water source in the center sends out gentle waves throughout a flat surface, only to disappear over the edge. The large size of the cast concrete bowl makes a significant declaration; surround it with lavish plantings to develop a cool oasis.

Accent your yard in grand Tuscan design with this excellent three-tiered fountain. Starting at 92" high, the water waterfalls from an acanthus-leaf finial into the smallest basin. Lion's head medallions then direct streams of water into the lower level basins, and eventually it sprinkles into a seven-foot circular pool. With its Italian-inspired shape, round basins and lion's head details on all sides, this fountain is stunning from all sides.

Wall Fountain For Outdoors

Waterfall Fountain And Water FeaturesWall Fountain For Outdoors

With twenty-five special surfaces offered, this sensational water fountain design is quickly tailored to match your formal landscape. The perfect fountain for small, modern-day spaces, this design adds a geometric counterpoint to the landscape. A single water source on top sends water gently dripping down the ball, into and over the basin's edge, and down the angled walls to the square pool at the base.

Utilize it alone as a centerpiece in landscape design, or surround it with plantings to produce a lavish, cool corner retreat. Readily available in thirty-two finishes, this distinct contemporary accent is simple to customize for your landscape. The rectangle-shaped kind of this modern-day fountain adds easy geometry to your landscaped patio, deck or entranceway.

The cast concrete plinth features a single water source bubbling up through a field of pebbles, and down the sides into a shallow swimming pool. The soft dripping noise is the best enhance to a contemporary, extra landscape design, or a main function in a rock garden. With 32 surfaces readily available, there makes sure to be a concrete color that blends perfectly with your home's exterior.